Fingerboard Mastery Course

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Welcome to the Amazing Wolrd of Fingerboarding!

This is what we will cover:

1) Fingerboard Selection

You will learn to select the perfect Fingerboard for your needs and budget.

2) Trick Tutorials

List of all the tricks you will learn:

Begginer Tutorials

  • Ollie
  • 180
  • Grinds
  • Kickflip
  • Pop-Shoveit
  • Varial kickflip

Advanced Tutorials

  • 360 Flip
  • Imposilble
  • Frontside Pop Shove-it
  • 180 Kickflip
  • Hardflip
  • Heelflip
  • Varial Heelflip
  • Nollie and Switch Ollie
  • How to do Flips Into Grinds
  • Lazerflip
  • Inward Heelflip

Pro Tutorials

  • Switch Kickflip
  • 360 Pop Shove-it
  • Switch Pop Shove-it
  • Switch 360 Flip
  • Switch Heelflip

Signature Moves Tutorials

  • Front Foot Imposible - With Deedz
  • Switch Tailslide, Switch Shove-it to Tailslide - With Adrively
  • Noseslide to Tailslide - With Mikefbeeer

3) Style and Progression

Fingerboarding can be a challenging skill to master if not approached correctly.

In this course, I will teach you the proper techniques to not only learn fingerboarding but also to do it with style and finesse.

4) Social Media and Filmaking

This course will teach you proven strategies to expand your reach to millions and how to create amazing videos for social media.

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Frequent asked Questions

Do I Need a Fingerboard to Purchase this Course?

No, you don't. In fact, this course is an ideal first step for anyone looking to enter the hobby.

I'll provide you with comprehensive information to not only start your fingerboarding journey but also to make an informed decision on buying your first setup.

I'm Already Experienced in Fingerboarding. Is This Guide Still Relevant to Me?

Absolutely! Even if you're already familiar with fingerboarding, this guide offers valuable insights that can enhance your existing knowledge and skills.

It includes advanced trick tutorials that will help you progress to the next level.

In Which Language is This Course Being Presented?

Currently, the course is in English, but we may consider expanding to other languages in the future.

Can I Access The Course On Mobile Devices?

Absolutely! For your convenience, the course is accessible through a dedicated app, allowing you to consume the content anywhere.

Where Will the Course Be Delivered?

Our course is exclusively offered online, ensuring a seamless and convenient learning experience right from the comfort of your home. There's no need to provide a physical address, as the entire course, from start to finish, is accessible digitally.

Is The Course a Single Payment or Monthly?

It's just a one-time payment.

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Last updated Jan 17, 2024

Access to more than 30 online classes and more than 25 trick tutorials.

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Fingerboard Mastery Course

19 ratings
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